See, for awhile, I was under the impression that the singer in Fall Out Boy just needed some lessons in how to A R T I C U L A T E, considering that any and all songs by FOB are completely incomprehensible, even if you try to read the lyrics while you listen. Maybe his toungue is just too big for his mouth, or he had to have it in a cast as a child and never regained full movement and control; or he labours under the false theory that the mumbling makes him seem mysterious.

Now, I don’t think so any more. I think he does it on purpouse. I think he does this because the YouTube spoof videos trying to decipher his mumblings give FOB more publicity than MTV could ever give them. I wouldn’t even know of FOB if not for the YouTube parodies of their songs.

So; well played, Fall Out Boy. Just wish you might start with lyrics that actually makes sense, when you cut out the mumblings.

And, the mandatory YouTube links to illustrate what I mean: