I feel it’s time to leave the old, and start anew with a different blog. Posting at the old place was starting to feel stale and, well, old. Hardly anyone of my old friends still post there anymore, they too have changed to blogs. My first post there was in December 1999, and I guess that almost eight years will have to be enough. Enough I say!

 Anyway, I find the evolution of internets diaries amusing. In the beginning everyone had their own homepage, then moved to communities, and now we’re splitting up again, to personalized “blogs”. That damn word. I was around when it was still “internet diary”, and adult people scoffed at us for writing about personal stuff at “that internet”. Now they do it, too. I call bandwagon.

This, by the way, is the first time I try to keep up a blogthing in English since I was, oh say, 16. Let’s see how this goes.

That’s all. Hiya.